East Pepin Cemetery

Town of Albany, Pepin County, Wisconsin, USA


East Pepin Cemetery located in the "Town of Albany", Pepin County, Wisconsin USA - map with elevations

Town of Albany, Pepin County, Wisconsin

East Pepin Cemetery - road map

East Pepin Cemetery - northern portion

East Pepin Cemetery - southern portion



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Dunn County, Wisconsin

"Town of Albany" is a geographical (and was a political) area somewhat like a township; it is the furthest east "Town" in Pepin County, Wisconsin (county seat: Durand).   The square in the middle of the map to your right is the Town of Albany.

Today there is no town in the Town of Albany, but that is how the area is referred to in all the legal paperwork.

The area is very rural today, and census records show many more families living on farms in the Town of Albany in the late 1800s and early 1900s than live there now.

East Pepin Cemetery is located on the east side of the road on "H" Road in the Town of Albany, Pepin County, Wisconsin.  Driving south from Rock Falls Township, Dunn County on "H" Road (you will see signs for Mondovi, which is to the south in Buffalo County, Wisconsin), you will find it easily.  It is a beautiful pioneer cemetery, still in use while many others in rural areas have been abandoned or neglected.

Please contact the Cemetery Association to learn how to help maintain the cemetery now and for future generations.

What can you learn from the map of plots - north or southIn the 1950s or 1960s, the Cemetery Association made a map of the cemetery and cross-referenced the name of the purchaser of the plot.  Spellings are fanciful, but give a clue as to how some names were pronounced.  The name on the plot map is the name of the person who purchased the plot -- not the name you will find on the monument or marker.

E. Pepin Cemetery is located on the east side of "H" Road which runs from Rock Falls (Dunn County) to Mondovi (in Buffalo County).


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